El Guache’s Exotics began as a small ordinary market. One of the partners, Jose has always had a passion for business. Back in 2014 he was around the area and saw this location available. Having prior several businesses before, he immediately felt that spark and teamed up with his partners Ivonn and Cindy to bring a local convenience store/smoke shop to the city of Maywood. However, after a few months passed by Jose came across some rare backwoods and drinks he had never seen before and was really intrigued. After doing some more research and trying to get his hands on more he realized these were "exotic" and "exclusive" items that were difficult to obtain as most were limited and not available in the United States. Jose and his partners got together and started importing these rare snacks, drinks and tobacco to offer to the city of Maywood and its surroundings. They started off with a small selection but eventually word spread out and everyone wanted to stop by to try something rare and unique.

They've had long nights and rough days but although they are not the only ones in this exotic game, they've dedicated their time and effort to bring a wider selection and best products available with the best price possible. What started off as a simple curiosity became El Guache’s Exotics mission to bring the world to everyone with either one snack or beverage at a time.

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